About Jewelry

Hello… I make jewelry.

And I am a multifaceted beast!  I currently sell my work under two pseudonyms.  My Gearbunny line is where I express my punky, industrial, cute and morbid side.  Here you’ll find polymer clay jewelry and accessories.  I mainly focus on necklaces, charms, pendants, bracelets, and earrings, but I have been known to branch off into hair accessories and brooches.  My inspiration comes from club and music culture and weird, quirky thoughts that pop into my head.  I have been creating jewelry as Gearbunny since 2006.

My jewelry alterego is LapinJade (ooh la la, that’s jade rabbit, in French).  Launched in April of 2008, it’s a newer endeavor.  My LapinJade jewelry features sterling silver wire-wrapping and original silver pieces that I’ve forged myself using metalworking techniques.  The versatility of silver is very inspiring.  I also use various gemstones and precious materials.  Overall this is a more elegant, classically beautiful line.

Gearbunny and LapinJade are both equally ME, so you’ll find updates for both on this site!

Currently I sell my work on Etsy, a fantastic virtual marketplace for all things handmade.  Visit Gearbunny here, and LapinJade over here.