November 25th, 2010

Too Sweet Tooth Treasury

Hey all, I’m popping in to share the cutest treasury by MissKnits.  Chocolate brown and pale pink are one of my favorite color combos, for starters.  Even better, every handpicked item featured here has a special Black Friday deal.  That’s only 2 days away!  And last but not least, my Pink Sweet Tooth Necklace is included.  Enjoy!

Soooo Sweet Black Friday Etsy Treasury

The Pink Sweet Tooth Necklace is a customizable pair of my most popular charms.  There’s a tiny hand-sculpted cupcake, complete with glittery sprinkles.  He’s accompanied by a grinning tooth charm.  I meticulously handcraft each charm by hand here in my little urban studio.  No molds are used, ever.  So you can rest assured that each piece is unique and made specially for you.  Actually, I have been making a lot of teeth lately.  It all started when one of my customers approached me about making some for her school age daughter who recently lost four baby teeth.  That reminded me how fun these are to shape, bake and collect.  Check ‘em out!

Polymer Clay Teeth Charms

Teeth for Party Favors

Losing baby teeth is quite a rite of passage for kids but I had no idea how this ritual came about.  I wondered about the origins of the tooth fairy and did a bit of poking around.  Did you know that the tooth fairy story originated around 1900, and may have been linked with rising affluence in the US and an increasingly child-focused culture?  And a survey in the 1990s suggested that the average rate for a lost tooth went from a dime in the 1970s to almost $2.00.  As for me, my reward for shedding those baby teeth was always a crisp, new dollar bill, neatly folded into the little zippered pouch I had placed under my pillow.  I never once was able to stay up and catch the tooth fairy in the act, no matter how hard I tried to keep my heavy eyelids open.  How did she do that?!

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