February 11th, 2012

Giant Nail Polish Sale!


My fiance and I are undertaking a massive apartment decluttering, and so it’s time to let go of some nail polish.  See anything you like?  I am open to negotiation, especially if you’re buying in bulk!  Unless otherwise noted, these are all brand new or have been used once or twice.  Please click on the photos to zoom.


L to R: Ying’s Color (like Kleancolors) Holo Yellow, $1.  Claire’s Gold Glitter Top Coat, $3.  LA Colors Golden Treasure, $0.50.


L to R: L’Oreal Metalico, $1.  Sally Hansen XTreme Wear Golden Child, $2.  Hard Candy Splendid, $3,


L to R: Brucci iCharlie, $2.  Sally Hansen XTreme Wear The Real Teal, $2.  Sally Hansen CSM Grass Slipper, $5.  Ying’s Color Holo Green, $1.



L to R:  Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat Distressed Denim, $2.  Kleancolors Jazz Olive, $1.  Sephora My Personal Serpent, $3.  Essie Bobbing for Baubles, $4.



L to R: Nicole by OPI It’s Not Me It’s Blue, $3.  OPI Ink Suede $3, Jordana Blue Flash, $0.50. Sally Hansen XTreme Wear Blue Icing, $2.


L to R:  Sally Hansen HD Color DVD, $2.  10 Spellbound, $1.  Milani Totally Cool, $3.  Sally Hansen CSM Problem Child, $10.

L to R:  Sally Hansen XTreme Wear Plum Power, $2.  Sally Hansen InstaDri Lovely Lilac, $2.  Sephora It’s Bouquet with Me, $4.  ORLY Fowl Play, $10.

L to R:  10 Chocolate Kiss, $1.  New York Color Canal Street $1, Fantasy Makers Purple Potion $2, Rose nail polish in purple, $0.50.

L to R: Wet N Wild Under Your Spell, $0.50.  Wet N Wild Sleepwalker, $0.50.  Sally Hansen XTreme Wear Pumpkin Spice, $3.  Sally Hansen XTreme Wear, Fireberry Red, $3.

L to R:  Sally Hansen HD Byte, $2.  Maybelline Express Finish Ltd Edition Autumn Leaves, $3.  OPI The Show Must Go On!, $4.  OPI DS Bold, $4.

Sally Hansen HD holo nail polish glitter OPI DS for sale

L to R:  Snowman/Blue Cross magenta glitter, $2.  Sally Hansen XTreme Wear Red Carpet, $2.  Sally Hansen CSM Downtown Rubies, $3.  Claire’s Dazzling, $3.

L to R:  Sally Hansen CSM Rockstar Candy, $7.  ORLY Rock the World, $9.  City Color “reddish purple,” $0.50.

L to R:  Sinful Colors Cross My Heart, $1.  Sinful Colors Tapping Nails, $1.  Sally Hansen XTreme Wear Caribbean Coral, $2.  Nicole by OPI OMB!, $3.

L to R: Pumpkin/Blue Cross Blacklight Reactive orange, $2.  Sinful Colors UFO, $1.  New York Colors Pink Promenade Creme (80% remaining), $0.50.  Sinful Colors Pinky Glitter, $1.

L to R:  New York Colors 207A (80% remaining), $0.50.  LA Colors Sparkling Fuchsia, $0.50.  LA Colors Aztec Orange, $0.50.  LA Colors Gold Nugget, $0.50.

L to R:  ORLY Beverly Hills Plum, $3.  Wet N Wild 9021 Orange, $2.  Fingerpaints Cordur-Orange, $3.  Prevail Concrete Jungle (pink holo), $6.

L to R:  Sally Hansen CSM I Pink I Can, $4.  Prevail I Have an Audition, $5.  Sinful Colors Shirley & Buddy, $1.  Sinful Colors Star Fish, $1.

L to R:  Essie Tart Deco, $5.  Essie True Love, $5.  Sally Hansen InstaDri  Snappy Sorbet, $3.  Confetti Pa-Pa-Razzi, $1.

L to R:  Revlon Sweet Nothing Rendez-Blue, $2.  Revlon Sweet Nothings Lilac Lingerie, $2.  Fantasy Makers Creepy Pumpkin, $2.  Brucci Glisten to Me, $3.

L to R:  Simply Irresistible Dawn, $0.50.  OPI The Grape Lakes, $7.  10 Birthday Suit, $1.  New York Color Gramercy Glitz, $1.

L to R:  Pure Ice Spitfire, $2.  Wet N Wild Kaleidoscope, $1.  ORLY Twilight, $7.  Jordana Lilac Hearts, $0.50.

ORLY Holiday 2011 candy cane set: mini bottles of Androgenie, Ma Cherie, and Oui.  $10.

Color Zone gift set of 3 full-size chunky glitter holographic nail polishes: blue, green, pink.  $5.

Nutra Nail Gel Perfect UV-Free Gel Color.  Complete set, never opened.  In Moonstone.  $8.

Sally Hansen Color Quick Chrome in turquoise chrome, with blue nail polish pen.  $5.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips – limited edition Halloween 2011, Spun for You (silver spider web foil pattern).  $12.

Nicole by OPI Mini Hit-Makers – Justin Beiber mini nail polish collection.  I’m a Beleiber, One Less Lonely Glitter, Give Me the First Dance, Prized Possession Purple.  $10.

Nail Fraud nail decals (20 included) in Army Brat.  $5.

I will ship via first class or Priority mail flat rate. whichever is cheaper, packaged securely with plenty of bubble wrap.  I will ship internationally as well; if you let me where you’re located I can give you a shipping quote.  And as always, ask if you have any questions!

~ Allison ~

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10 Responses to “Giant Nail Polish Sale!”

  1. I’d like to order Sally Hansen Pumpkin Spice please. I’ve been lemming this since the first swatches popped up last year and I don’t think it even came to stores in my area. I’m in IL by the way.

    • Gearbunny says:

      Sounds great! Shipping to IL will be $2.50. Are you able to pay by PayPal? If so, I’ll email you an invoice. Thanks so much! Are there any other polishes you’re interested in?

  2. Gina says:

    Hi! What an awesome sale. I’m interested in several colors. Can you estimate shipping for me to Ohio on 8 bottles? I can list them here or we can email about them, just let me know. Thanks! ~gina

  3. Paula Wilson says:

    I am interested in purchasing
    Sinful Colors- U.F.O
    Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear- Pumpkin Spice
    Color Zone Nail Color Set
    I am in MI by the way.

  4. chela says:

    Hello, I would like to see if you could email me about the following:

    maybelline autumn leaves,
    sinful color shirly & buddy
    sinful color star fish
    confetti pa pa razzi
    sephora my personal serpent

    If they are available—email me the invoice.

  5. Misty says:

    I’m interested in ying’s hollow yellow. What is your shipping price to Wv?

  6. Melissa says:

    I am interested in the Claire’s Gold Glitter Top Coat but there does not seem to be a picture. Can you resend the pic? What is shipping price? How do I purchase?

  7. Samantha says:

    I’m definitely interested in several colors, but what is the shipping charge?

  8. Leslee says:

    Are you still selling? I would love to get several items! Please let me know if you are because I want quite a few items. Thank you!!!

  9. [...] I have some fresh nail polish that I am desperate to send to a good home.  You may have seen  my previous post about polishes for sale, and some of those are still available, too.  I am open to negotiation [...]

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