July 26th, 2011

Sinful Colors Cream Pink

I rarely wear pink on my nails but oh, this color just makes me happy!  I wish they had come up with a more imaginative name than “cream pink,” though, which is lame-o.  It doesn’t come close to capturing the juicy jubilee of this hot shade.

Cream Pink is a bright magenta creme with a fine gold shimmer that reveals itself in sunlight.

In low light:

And indoors it looks like a screaming neon – surprise!

What you see here is two coats topped with Seche Vite.  It was really quite opaque; the visible nail line that you can sort of see here is just my horribly stained nails (thanks, Swimsuit… Nailed It!) and it wasn’t so apparent in person.  The formula was very good – smooth, self-leveling, and really a pleasure to apply.

I must admit that I’m harboring a bit of an addiction to Sinful Colors!  They are so inexpensive and fun.  Pick up a few for your collection for only $1.99 a bottle at most drugstores.


~ Allison ~

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