October 9th, 2011

Wear Test: Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips in Skinny Jeans

Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips are so adorable and high tech, I just had to try them.  (And by “them” I mean I picked up a few designs, including the whole Halloween collection!  Yay!)

I chose Skinny Jeans, a dark blue pattern that resembles the texture of denim.  The nice thing about these is that they look solid from a distance and match any outfit, but have enough texture to keep them looking interesting and not like regular nail polish.  Application was a cinch – I’d say it probably took me 40 minutes to do both hands.  That might sound like a long time, but keep in mind that you avoid messy cuticle cleanup, the stench of nail polish fumes, dry time, and the risk of doing a messy job.

This is how my hands looked after 5 days.  They don’t look bad at all except for that major chip around the pointer cuticle of my left hand (it got snagged when I was shampooing my hair).  I could have worn these longer, but I’m really finicky about chipped nails.   The package promises wear of “up to 10 days” so I was satisfied with 5.  I think after 10 days I would get sick of them; I have nail polish ADD!

Sally Hansen real nail polish strips, I found, are a major pain to remove.  I had to scrub at each nail with my acetone remover for about 5 minutes each!  True, that speaks to the sturdiness of the product, but it also dissuades me a little from using them again.  But I’m sure I will, because, again – cute AND high tech!  I got lots of compliments when I was wearing these, even from men who don’t usually have nail polish on their radar.

Have you used Sally Hansen’s nail polish strips?  What do you think about them?


~ Allison ~

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