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October 19th, 2011

OPI Muppets Nail Polish Collection Holiday 2011

I don’t know about you but I grew up watching the Muppets, so I was pleased and intrigued to hear that OPI was doing a holiday collection in our favorite puppets’ honor!  The collection consists of 12 shades and I ended up buying 4 of them from my local beauty supply store.  Here are my swatches and reviews.

Warm & Fozzie

This copper foil has a titch of duochrome that emerges in certain lights.  This is gorgeous, the perfect fall color and festive enough for the holidays too.


Designer, De Better!

This reminds me of ORLY Rage if it were reversed – instead of copper with silver flecks, silver with copper flecks.  The copper serves to warm up the silver foil.  Quite a wearable shade.


Pepe’s Purple Passion

Pepe’s is a vampy purplish creme that leans towards jelly, as it is somewhat sheer.  You can see the flake-like shimmer throughout.  This style of shimmer reminds me of Revlon’s Fizz nail polishes.  Very pretty, a nice twist on the classic vampy burgundy nail.


Excuse Moi!

And now for my favorite.  Excuse Moi! is a bright vibrant pink jelly base brimming with pink, and some blue and green glitter.  Due to the pink base you can build it up on its own or use it for layering.  Here I painted two coats over Designer, De Better!



Will you be choosing any of these polishes for your holiday looks?


~ Allison ~

October 8th, 2011

China Glaze Bogart + Revlon Watermelon Fizz

This manicure began with Bogart, a cool, eggplant foil by China Glaze.

Bogart China Glaze nail polish swatch review

To warm it up I added a layer of Revlon Watermelon Fizz nail polish.  This is a clear reddish orange jelly from the Summer 2011 collection.  It has these really pretty flakey glitter particles that I love.  It also smells delish!  Just like watermelon candy.  Since the Fizz polishes are pretty sheer, I prefer to layer them over other nail lacquers.

Revlon Watermelon Fizz swatch nail polish


~ Allison ~


August 27th, 2011

My First Franken!


I am very pleased to share my first franken creation with you.  As my polish collection grows, I can’t help but realize there are certain colors I’m lusting for that just don’t seem to exist.  Being of the DIY mindset I figure why not make them myself?  To get acquainted with the world of frankening I turned to a fantastic tutorial by Dr. Frankenpolish.  She calls this franken Angel Tears.

Welcome to my franken lab.

I followed the tutorial pretty faithfully.  Although I didn’t have the same clear red that she did, I used an old L’Oreal Jet Set Shine color called Very Cherry.  Maybe because of that substitution my finished polish came out looking too brown, so I added about 20 drops of a Sally Hansen creme, Cherry Red, to bring the balance back to deep red.

On the nail it is a gorgeous burgundy or blood red jelly, with suspended green shimmer that can be seen in any light.

I’m delighted how this turned out!  All the components mixed together effortlessly.  I’ll give you a mixing hint: if you don’t have BB’s laying around to plop into your frankens, use beads!  I added two small, round, stone beads that are the same size as the BB’s, and they work great as far as I can tell.

Like most jellies, Angel Tears required some patience to build up opacity.  I used 4 thin coats here, but you could maybe use only 3 if you lay it on thickly.  A coat of Seche Vite added crazy shine and helped it to dry.  P.S. I would give this polish the slightly grosser name of Bloody Borealis :)   Now, I’m really tempted to go dump out all my old unwanted polishes and make a franken army!

What do you think – would you try your hand at this franken?


~ Allison ~