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November 26th, 2011

Free Shipping Sale thru Cyber Monday!

Get yourself in gear – get free shipping on everything @ Gearbunny

That’s right, the whole store is on sale.  Don’t wait – the last day of this sale is Cyber Monday.


~ Allison ~

October 8th, 2011

Scary Time of Year

Halloween is fast approaching, and that means lot of spooky treasuries are appearing!  I love love love this season.  Here’s a treasury that features my Corpse Bride Barrette Set.

I made these in honor of all things Burtonesque. Cute barrettes made from pearly cadaver-skin blue are perfect for Halloween. I sculpted the bones from polymer clay and painstakingly added tiny black stitches which wrap around. I also brushed on silver and black accents for texture and depth.

And here’s the treasury:


Tis The Time Of Year For Scary Things To Appear!


Thanks for looking!


~ Allison ~

February 28th, 2011

Giant SALE on Gearbunny’s Whole Shop!

I am offering some big savings as I clear out old stock to prepare for exciting new spring designs.  This week only thru March 6, receive 15% off by simply entering coupon code ELECTRO15 upon checkout! It’s so easy, even Charlie Sheen could do it.  Click the Skeleanimal to check out the goods.

February 27th, 2011

Electric Spring: My Very First Treasury

After posting dozens of other peoples’ treasuries I’ve finally taken the plunge and composed my own.  It was so much fun to browse Etsy using different search terms to find the perfect items.  In my search I discovered so many cool new artists and shops.  Check out this collection of spring accessories, jewelry, homeware, even fitness equipment (hula hoops!!) in an eyepopping, vibrant color palette.  It’s…

Electric Spring


Sigh… I would love to have any of these gorgeous handmade pieces.  Wouldn’t you?  Please click through and comment to give these brilliant artists the exposure they deserve!

February 27th, 2011

Oh, Sugar Sugar (Skull)

A few months into the bitter chill of winter and I never want to see my heavy tweed coat again.  I fantasize about wrapping it in plastic and banishing to the back of my closet for a solid 6 or 8 months!  (Probably wishful thinking, but a girl can dream.)  Today, the sun is shining, there’s a hint of warmth in the air, and I’m itching to break out my spring clothes.  In celebration of spring I thought I’d share some colorful, sweet treasuries with you.

Sweet Sugar Skulls

Here’s a delightful collection of grinning handmade sugar skulls.  You’ll find everything from punky baby accessories to jewelry and home decor here.  Thanks, GracieBonesBoutique, for including my Marigold Sugar Skull Cha-Cha Necklace!

I created a few sugar skull pieces in October in honor of Dia de Los Muertos.  I love the colors and images associated with this Mexican holiday.  What a joyous contrast with melancholy Western conceptions of death – black, morbid, dark, eternal, foreboding.  I think I like the idea of celebrating our dead with flowers, feasting, costumes, and parades much better.  I used a gorgeous golden orange clay for this skull because marigold is a very significant color in Day of the Dead celebrations.  Marigolds are thought to be the “flower of the dead.”  Since their scent and color is believed to attract spirits, marigold petals are used to mark crosses and paths to show them the way.

Paint Me Punk

DragonsWood has curated a rockin’ collection of neon-bright accessories fit for a punk princess.  She was kind enough to include my Day of the Dead Bracelet #3 – thank you!  This particular bracelet has been sold, but I have more in the works.  Contact me if you’d like a custom Day of the Dead Bracelet of your own.

I began with my own handmade polymer clay skull and bones. I used an ivory colored clay to shape each piece one by one.  Then I applied various pigments and paints to create an aged look.  My favorite part of the process, I think, was assembling the various brightly colored beads in glass, crystal, stone, resin, and silver.  The chunky clasp is silver-plated.


Now I’m off to take advantage of this gorgeous day by taking the pup for a brisk walk!