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October 9th, 2011

Wear Test: Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips in Skinny Jeans

Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips are so adorable and high tech, I just had to try them.  (And by “them” I mean I picked up a few designs, including the whole Halloween collection!  Yay!)

I chose Skinny Jeans, a dark blue pattern that resembles the texture of denim.  The nice thing about these is that they look solid from a distance and match any outfit, but have enough texture to keep them looking interesting and not like regular nail polish.  Application was a cinch – I’d say it probably took me 40 minutes to do both hands.  That might sound like a long time, but keep in mind that you avoid messy cuticle cleanup, the stench of nail polish fumes, dry time, and the risk of doing a messy job.

This is how my hands looked after 5 days.  They don’t look bad at all except for that major chip around the pointer cuticle of my left hand (it got snagged when I was shampooing my hair).  I could have worn these longer, but I’m really finicky about chipped nails.   The package promises wear of “up to 10 days” so I was satisfied with 5.  I think after 10 days I would get sick of them; I have nail polish ADD!

Sally Hansen real nail polish strips, I found, are a major pain to remove.  I had to scrub at each nail with my acetone remover for about 5 minutes each!  True, that speaks to the sturdiness of the product, but it also dissuades me a little from using them again.  But I’m sure I will, because, again – cute AND high tech!  I got lots of compliments when I was wearing these, even from men who don’t usually have nail polish on their radar.

Have you used Sally Hansen’s nail polish strips?  What do you think about them?


~ Allison ~

September 24th, 2011

Orly Rock the World + Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips

This is Orly Rock the World, from the Mineral FX collection.  I just found this at my local Sally Beauty Supply 2 weeks ago.  It has a deep plummy red base with some major gold foil, giving it a strong duochrome effect.  This seems to be a close relative to OPI It’s My Year, although it looks like the gold in RTW is much warmer and it could have a darker plum/red base.  I might do a closer comparison later.   I’m wearing Rock the World here with an accent finger of Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strip.  The style is called Laced Up.

This was my first time using the Sally Hansen nail polish strips, even though I’ve amassed quite a little collection of them.  They are very easy to use and last a long time.  Here, I’d been wearing my strip for 4 days.  Aside from a tiny tip wear it looks perfect!  I have a few suggestions to make application easier and neater.  First, hold the strip up to your nail and trim it with scissors before applying.  You want it to be slightly longer than your actual nail, so you have a little extra to wrap underneath the nail for added security.  Also, I found that rubbing the strips between my hands helped warm them up and mold better to my nails.  Get the strip as close to your cuticle as possible, so when your nail grows out you won’t have a giant gap.  You’ll want to add a top coat (I used Seche Vite) because otherwise the strip finish is kind of flat and dull.  Finally, you can easily polish another color on top if you don’t want to remove the strip yet.  I did this and it helped the top layer of polish last extra long.  However, it also made for really frustrating removal!  I used acetone-based remover and soaked each nail briefly to loosen up the tough bedrock layers of polish, then scrub scrub scrubbed with my cotton ball.

I can’t wait to show you more Sally Hansen nail polish strips soon!  Especially the Halloween designs, which I’m flipping over.


~ Allison ~


August 27th, 2011

NYC Inspired Nail Art – Checkered Yellow Cab


Hey everyone, I was inspired to do some NYC-flavored nail art this afternoon.  It’s been pouring all day so I’m holed up inside, taking it easy and staying dry.  Be kind – this is my first nail art ever.

Here’s what I started with, but I felt it needed something.

So I freehanded some black french tips using Wet N Wild Black Creme.

The yellow is Prevail Taxi! Taxi! appropriately enough.  I used three coats which was enough to even out any streaks and create an opaque surface. My camera could not handle this shade of yellow at all.  Although it appears neon here it’s really much warmer, the actual color of an NYC Yellow Cab.   Anywho, I’m not certain that the Prevail brand is sold outside of NYC @ Duane Reade.  Does anyone know?

For the checkerboard nail I began with two coats of Sally Hansen XTreme Wear White Out, a basic white creme.  After allowing 15 minutes for dry time I drew a checkerboard pattern in Sharpie.  I used a very thin one to sketch out the squares, and a slightly thicker one to fill in the black squares.  I was skeptical that this method would look passable, but I think it does.  You can only tell I used marker if you’re studying my nail really closely.  My pattern was close-to-perfect but did smear a bit on one side, where some excess topcoat settled.  Next time I’ll use a very thin coat.  Also, I learned the hard way to let those black tips dry completely before adding your topcoat.  I rushed a little and my middle finger’s yellow got smeared.

Does freehanding French tips sound too intimidating?  I used to feel that way.  But I discovered a very easy method for getting straight French tips.  I load my brush with polish and anchor my hand on a flat surface, with the brush pointing sideways and slightly downward.  Then I put my nail under the brush, far corner first, and rotate til the entire tip has been painted.  The brush remains stationary and only the nail moves.  This way I get a straight, even line every time.  I’ve mastered this technique when I’m painting on my left (non-dominant) hand, but I need much more practice painting on my right hand.  You would think two different people manicured each of my hands, lol!  Therefore my right hand doesn’t make appearances on this blog.

Hope you enjoy this fun mani!  Do you prefer it with or without the black tips?


~ Allison ~