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April 21st, 2012

Nails Inc. Magnetic Polish – Trafalger Square

I had been wanting to try magnetic nail polish for the longest time.  Now, following on the heels of the crackle phase, they seem to be flooding the market.  I tested one of the first I saw, Nails Inc. Magnetic Polish, which Sephora carries.  This is Trafalger Square, a dark metallic chrome.

It’s important to apply the magnet soon after you paint your nail, because the polish dries quickly.  The magnet is in the cap, and it has a small curved tray that you fit on your cuticle to hold the magnet in place.  I did one nail at a time to ensure that the polish wouldn’t dry on me.  I loved the results!  The chevron stripes create a tiger eye appearance, with the color shifting depending on the angle of the light.

What are your favorite magnetic nail polishes?  I am tempted to try the new Color Club magnetic glitter shades!


~ Allison ~

November 19th, 2011

Super Sparkly Snowy Silver Manicure!

This manicure appealed to the raven in me – sooo sparkly.  I began with three coats of Hedy’s Space Silver holographic nail polish.

Then for some extra glitter I added a Halloween pumpkin polish.  It’s silver glitter with larger black hexes sprinkled in.


~ Allison ~


October 19th, 2011

OPI Muppets Nail Polish Collection Holiday 2011

I don’t know about you but I grew up watching the Muppets, so I was pleased and intrigued to hear that OPI was doing a holiday collection in our favorite puppets’ honor!  The collection consists of 12 shades and I ended up buying 4 of them from my local beauty supply store.  Here are my swatches and reviews.

Warm & Fozzie

This copper foil has a titch of duochrome that emerges in certain lights.  This is gorgeous, the perfect fall color and festive enough for the holidays too.


Designer, De Better!

This reminds me of ORLY Rage if it were reversed – instead of copper with silver flecks, silver with copper flecks.  The copper serves to warm up the silver foil.  Quite a wearable shade.


Pepe’s Purple Passion

Pepe’s is a vampy purplish creme that leans towards jelly, as it is somewhat sheer.  You can see the flake-like shimmer throughout.  This style of shimmer reminds me of Revlon’s Fizz nail polishes.  Very pretty, a nice twist on the classic vampy burgundy nail.


Excuse Moi!

And now for my favorite.  Excuse Moi! is a bright vibrant pink jelly base brimming with pink, and some blue and green glitter.  Due to the pink base you can build it up on its own or use it for layering.  Here I painted two coats over Designer, De Better!



Will you be choosing any of these polishes for your holiday looks?


~ Allison ~

October 19th, 2011

OPI I Vant to Be Alone-Star + POP Beauty Twinkle glitter

I Vant to be Alone-Star is from OPI’s Texas collection.  Why the Vant instead of Want?  Is this a typo or some kind of Transylvanian reference?  That aside, it is a pretty, cool grey pearl.  (Disregard the raggedy cuticles; these pix were taken awhile ago.)


Then I layered POP Beauty Twinkle glitter polish on top.  It’s a primarily silver holographic glitter, but you can see hints of pink, green, blue, and gold as well.  Since it’s finely textured it’s not as hard to remove as coarser, denser glitters.

Indoor light:

Natural sunlight:


~ Allison

August 23rd, 2011

Random Multicolored Lacquer Swatches for You

I am so behind on my swatches.  Enjoy six quickies!


Milani Totally Cool

Royal purple jelly with rose gold foil.  I found this one in the K-Mart 99 cent clearance bin!  Although this polish is really pretty it’s a bit sheer.  Even with the 3 coats I used here my nail line is still peeking out – boooo.  Still, that color.


Milani Feisty Flames

Cutest name!  Another K-Mart 99 cent wonder.  It’s a basic tomato red creme with a jelly’s squishiness and major shine – how do they do that?  Although I don’t buy much red polish this color was fun to wear.  A great choice to coordinate with your 50′s pinup looks.


Rimmel Lava Red

I am a sucker for these “blackened” colors.  Although this metallic red pearl looks almost burgundy in low light, in the sun it appears lit from within!  And look how glossy.  This one is sure to make you feel vampy and seductive.


Rimmel Hard Metal

Dark pewter metallic frost.  The formula was creamy – a pleasure to apply.  This is 2 coats.  I appreciated the fact that even though this is a frost-leaning finish my brushmarks didn’t dry streaky and visible.  Again, pretty shiny on its own.


Pure Ice Spitfire

This is a mauve-pink holographic glitter in a clear base.  Naively I hoped this could be worn on its own for discoball impersonation nails, but that wasn’t happening.  Next time I will layer it over a base color, for sure.  Anyway, this baby was very holographic and reflective in the sun.  Let’s do more glitter, shall we?  We shall!


OPI Uh Oh Roll Down the Window + Milani Gold Jewel FX

UORDTW is from OPI’s latest collection, Touring America.  It’s a dark olive green creme that reminds me of camo.  I like the fact that OPI included some off-the-beaten-path green/beige/brown shades along with their pinks and peaches.    My bottle is so strange – it looks like the pigments got separated, but no amount of shaking will mix them up again.  I don’t think that affected the application, though.  The color looks darker in the nail than in the bottle.  Then I decided to glam up this puke green with glitter!

This is Gold from Milani’s Jewel FX collection.  Sure enough, it’s big gold hex glitter that’s pow, in your face.  Very easy nail art.


No more for tonight; I must eat dinner.  Thanks for viewing/reading and I’ll catch up with you soon!


~ Allison ~