Thank you for the best birthday ever

My dear friends and family: Most of you have seen my Facebook note about my birthday and the thanks for the wonderful surprise you've given me (if not, go read it on Facebook or in PDF for you non-Facebookers).

Just to reiterate, this was the best birthday ever, made possible by your incredible generosity and thought. I still can't believe what you all have given me, and I hope you know how important it is!

I thought you'd all like to know that one week and one day ago (almost a month after being presented with my gift), Anthony and I went shopping for my camera. And here's what I got:

My new camera and accessories

At Costco (Harlem) I got a great deal on the Canon Digital Rebel t3i package, which includes (vaguely from left to right) the camera body, an 18-55mm lens, battery & charger, manual, USB cable, video cable, and software (not pictured).

Then beaming and with camera box in tow, we headed down to Adorama for more. We sat on a stoop (not as glamorous as you are picturing) and discussed the lengthy email Anthony wrote with lens recommendations. I settled on this lovely 28mm f1.8 baby which will be great for my infrastructure photos of places and more! Adorama also supplied a lens hood to keep out the sun, two high speed memory cards, and a compact carrying case.

I'm super happy with my choices, and all told this cost about $1500, just $100 over my wonderful present. What a deal!

Finally, I knew as soon as someone asked me at birthday dinner what the first photos would be of, so here they are: the beautiful card that some of you have seen but many have not, but that you all signed!

Front of the card Outiside of the card First page of the card Second page of the card Last page of the card

Thank you all again, immensely and from the bottom of my heart. This gift has already and will in the future impact my life so much!

♥, emily