August 24th, 2011

Maybelline Cool Couture

The very first nail polish my mother allowed me to get, when I was 7 years old and begging her in the grocery store, was a bright candy pink Maybelline.  (It was lots of fun until I spilled it all over my bedroom floor.  Oopsie!)  Tangents about childhood aside, I haven’t bought any Maybellines since because they seem to stick with pinks and reds – a color range I find snooze-worthy.  Cool Couture is an exception!  This is a limited edition shade from the Express Finish line.  I find it hard to describe this chic fall color.  The best I can do is call it a dark slate grey – appearing as an almost-black teal in low light – with a fine, hidden, yet electric turquoise shimmer.  I couldn’t wait to see if that shimmer translated onto the nail!

The shimmer certainly visible in strong light.  I took the picture above in direct sunlight.

In weaker light you can see how it seems more slate grey – and that turquoise shimmer is much more subdued.

Now, the bottle proclaims this a “50 second” nail polish.  I beg to differ.  When I brushed it on a teeeeensy bit too thin it dragged horribly and started drying right away.  Then the slightly thicker coats took several minutes to dry.  A few minutes isn’t bad, but it’s not 50 seconds.  This lacquer easily migrated into my cuticles so cleanup was not too successful, as you can see.  I used 2 coats here which ended up providing good coverage.  I got a small chip on my tip after 1 day.

Methinks I will definitely hold on to Cool Couture and give it another try, because I think it’s too interesting of a color to give up.  Can you think of any dupes?  I’m at a loss…

Have you had any luck with any of the Maybelline polishes?


~ Allison ~


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