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July 9th, 2011

Bunch of Mini Swatches – Pic Heavy!

When taking off my polish I like to play, so here are some one-finger swatches I just did.  I used all of these.  Follow the jump to see much much more!

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January 30th, 2011

New Makeup Looks with Toki Doki Palette

Yesterday I stopped into the Sephora in Soho and picked up something that made me excited about makeup again – Toki Doki’s Robbery Palette!  Let me back up for a sec.  It’s been a minute since I did any makeup posts.  The reason is twofold – one, I work at a pretty conservative office so my daily makeup has to be tame, and two, I got a little bored with the products I had.  However I’m a sucker for the clever adorableness that is Toki Doki, and this palette just happened to be on sale for the very sweet price of $39 (marked down from $49).  If you’re looking to snap one up, do it quickly because a MUA artist there gave me the inside scoop that they’re almost gone.  Just wanted to show you all this cool set and a look I did using the products!

The Robbery palette comes in a keepsake tin, with a big magnet to cuten up your fridge or file cabinet.  Aw!

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