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October 9th, 2011

Hard Candy Sky

I think that Hard Candy Sky is going to be my “something blue” in the form of my wedding-day pedicure!  It is a delicate baby blue creme, and the blue microshimmer adds a little something extra.

Indoor light/shade:

Bright sunlight, which coaxes that gorgeous blue microshimmer out of hiding:


~ Allison ~


September 11th, 2011

Essie Mesmerize

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Essie Mesmerize is a deep medium blue creme.  What a great name for a nail polish, although I would imagine a holographic or duochrome nail polish to be more mesmerizing.  Anyway, this baby dried extremely glossy, almost like a jelly.  This works great for both summer and autumn, IMO.  This is two coats.  I’d say the first picture is the most color-accurate.

~ Allison ~


August 27th, 2011

NYC Inspired Nail Art – Checkered Yellow Cab


Hey everyone, I was inspired to do some NYC-flavored nail art this afternoon.  It’s been pouring all day so I’m holed up inside, taking it easy and staying dry.  Be kind – this is my first nail art ever.

Here’s what I started with, but I felt it needed something.

So I freehanded some black french tips using Wet N Wild Black Creme.

The yellow is Prevail Taxi! Taxi! appropriately enough.  I used three coats which was enough to even out any streaks and create an opaque surface. My camera could not handle this shade of yellow at all.  Although it appears neon here it’s really much warmer, the actual color of an NYC Yellow Cab.   Anywho, I’m not certain that the Prevail brand is sold outside of NYC @ Duane Reade.  Does anyone know?

For the checkerboard nail I began with two coats of Sally Hansen XTreme Wear White Out, a basic white creme.  After allowing 15 minutes for dry time I drew a checkerboard pattern in Sharpie.  I used a very thin one to sketch out the squares, and a slightly thicker one to fill in the black squares.  I was skeptical that this method would look passable, but I think it does.  You can only tell I used marker if you’re studying my nail really closely.  My pattern was close-to-perfect but did smear a bit on one side, where some excess topcoat settled.  Next time I’ll use a very thin coat.  Also, I learned the hard way to let those black tips dry completely before adding your topcoat.  I rushed a little and my middle finger’s yellow got smeared.

Does freehanding French tips sound too intimidating?  I used to feel that way.  But I discovered a very easy method for getting straight French tips.  I load my brush with polish and anchor my hand on a flat surface, with the brush pointing sideways and slightly downward.  Then I put my nail under the brush, far corner first, and rotate til the entire tip has been painted.  The brush remains stationary and only the nail moves.  This way I get a straight, even line every time.  I’ve mastered this technique when I’m painting on my left (non-dominant) hand, but I need much more practice painting on my right hand.  You would think two different people manicured each of my hands, lol!  Therefore my right hand doesn’t make appearances on this blog.

Hope you enjoy this fun mani!  Do you prefer it with or without the black tips?


~ Allison ~


August 14th, 2011

American Apparel Hunter + Sinful Colors Call You Later glitter

Hunter by American Apparel is a medium hunter green creme.  Although I’m not a fan of AA’s thin, skimpy brush, it did apply this polish evenly in two coats.  It dries to a glossy finish and tends to look almost black indoors.

I have a lot of untried Sinful Colors glitters that I’ve been itching to bust out, so I painted Call You Later on top.  It’s a clear base packed with different sizes of fine golden olive and emerald green glitter.

It works like a dream over Hunter’s dark base.  Mmm, green sparklies.

This is one coat – all that’s really needed for an application like this, because the glitter is so dense.  I loved the depth and interest it added!  Since the glitter is finely textured this wasn’t much of a problem to take off – a nice bonus since the hassle of removing glitters can deter me from wearing them.  I just used a cotton ball and my regular non-acetone Cutex nail polish remover.



~ Allison ~


August 14th, 2011

Sally Hansen CSM Model Behavior + Revlon Colada Fizz

Here’s a look at another blue from another Sally Hansen guest designer limited edition collection.  This time, I’m showing you Model Behavior from the Spring 2011 collection designed by Prabal Gurung.  Model Behavior is a bold turquoise blue creme.  It kind of reminds me of bright blue Windex, in the best possible way!  The formula is creamy dreamy and 2 coats provided complete opacity.  It dries very glossy, as well.  The first picture is the most color-accurate.

Next I decided to test out a Revlon polish I finally caved in to trying – Revlon’s scented Colada Fizz.  These bright candy colors had been teasing me from the aisles for a couple of months.  I ended up buying this one, Watermelon Fizz (bright reddish orange) and Appletini Fizz (sour apple green).  Hope to swatch the others soon.  Anyway, this is 2 coats of Colada Fizz on top of Model Behavior.

Although Colada Fizz appears to be baby blue in the bottle it’s too sheer, in my opinion, to be worn on its own.  However it lends a really lovely snowflake-like glitter effect when used as a topcoat.  The fragrance of the polish is pleasant and light, kind of like a powdery, perfume-y pina colada.  In high school I had a perfumed Victoria Secret pen that smelled exactly like this, actually!  The scent isn’t obtrusive but I definitely notice it when my hands are near my face.

Scope out that beautiful fairy glitter.

Have you tried any of Revlon’s fizz nail polishes?  What’s your opinion of scented nail polish?


~ Allison ~